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Code9 Vendor Apps

The future of asset protection.
More control at your fingertips, together with back up from the CODE9 team when you need it.

Because we support most systems, you can use their apps together with a CODE9 monitoring plan.

We support nearly all types of alarm hardware and the communicators that talk to these apps. So we’re the perfect monitoring partner to complement a vast array of (often FREE) apps to give you even greater control and oversight over your asset protection!

by Multipath/T4000
by RadioNet
Pocket Secure
by Permaconn

What these apps do

The Basic stuff
All apps have the ability to set and unset the alarm which is the most desired function. Additionally some apps provide a history log of access by all users.

SmartHome Extensions
Some apps- such as Skycommand and Enterprise, have advanced functions that can remotely control auto doors- opening and closing a garage door or control automation devices such as turning heating on or off.

What do I need to do to use them?

For both basic and advanced functionality you'll need to have an alarm panel connected to the CODE9 monitoring network. The panel will need to have an IP communicator such as Radionet Enterprise, T4000 or Permaconn attached.

An alarm technician will also need to visit to set up a "Key Switch" on the panel to enable the remote functions.

And of course, you'll have to have either an iOS or Android smartphone to run the app on!

Ready? Talk to us!

If you're unsure whether your system is ready to connect with these apps the best place to start is with either a call to us or your current alarm technician.

If we can't establish your system's capability over the phone we can either arrange a site visit or point you in the direction of a trusted alarm technician in your area.